5 amazing sunset points in India that one cannot miss


India is a land of diverse beauty as it has varied topography and climatic regions. The country has a variety of wonderful places that are unique and offer unforgettable memories. Many of the well-known hotspots which produce amazing sunsets, are found in various parts of the country having tall mountains, romantic sea shores and captivating riverside stretches.

Here is a list of 5 most spectacular sunset points in India.


Sunrise in Kanyakumari


Kanyakumari is where the intermingling of three seas happen, aka the waters of the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea come together at this point and this results in spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Here the view of sunset is perfectly captured by the camera and thus it attracts quite a number of tourists. Kanyakumari is notable for pilgrimage. Kite flying, surfing and swimming also adds to the attraction of this place. On clear, full-moon evenings one can also see the moon-rise and sunset at the same time.




Not long ago the beaches of Odisha were hardly talked about, but off late they have earned a special place within the tourism circles and are trending on social media now. Located on the eastern shoreline, the Puri Beach in Odisha is an ideal place to enjoy sunsets and spend a peaceful evening. The lustrous rays of the sun gets reflected beautifully on the tidal waters of Bay of Bengal. Moreover the calm atmosphere of the place creates those rare romantic moments to be enjoyed with your partner.



If there is one place in western India which is well known for something that nature has to offer, apart from the rich, cultural heritage of the land, then it has to be Pushkar. People just flock here to enjoy the splendid beauty of the setting sun. Moreover the silhouettes of camels, passing in a line over the dessert sand, with the backdrop of the setting sun over the horizon, is something that cannot be experienced anywhere else.






Not far from the mainland of India is one of the most incredible places to enjoy beautiful sunsets – Radhanagar Beach at Havelock Island. The entire place turns into a charming glow-spot as the golden rays of the sun passes through clouds and falls on the water below producing a shining reflection. No wonder this is the best beach in India where people come to enjoy the sunset.

Nubra Valley


The mystic valley of Nubra in Ladakh region earns its blissful reputation on account of its green sanctuary. Also this region is enveloped by the sand boulders of the Himalayas making it a challenging terrain for travellers visiting this part of the land. The best part of the place is that one gets to experience nature’s amazing moments that happen during the dusk – the setting of the sun producing an array of contrasting colours across the blue sky against the background of green pastures.

Well, now that you know so many beautiful sunset points in India, what’s stopping you from visiting them?

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