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Kaziranga is India's own version of Africa's Savannahs. The last remaining strong hold of the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros, a
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Embark on a wildlife sojourn into Bandhavgarh, where chances are you will spot the sensuous tiger while enroute to the
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This tour takes us through two different landscapes of Nepal beginning with a rafting run down Trishuli River and then
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Wildlife Tours of India

The world of wild life in this appealing land of India certainly triggers a lot of passion to explore the wild Nature of the land having many animal & plant species. No wonder the Indian peninsula has some of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the continent whose ecological diversity has stimulated the flourishing of an whole breed of wildlife with over 350 species of mammals and 1200 species of birds in the country.

Each Indian wildlife region has something diverse to offer- there are great diversities of wildlife living in their natural habitats. Up North, the dominance is of the great Indian Tiger at Jim Corbett in the Sub-Himalayan region, Down South is home to gigantic Indian Elephant at Periyar in Kerala. To the west in Gir National Park lives the great Asiatic Lion, & towards the East of India specially the wildlife of northeast hosts the great Indian One-Horned Rhino is found in Kaziranga National Park.

Wildlife tours of India are full of anticipation and enjoyable moments with a lot to know & learn.Thus a wild life safari be it a jeep safari or an Elephant ride across the jungles of India makes it a memorable experience for everyone that will be etched in memory.

In recent times most of the wildlife destinations is concentrated in over 200 sanctuaries and parks around the country. Moreover, India is home to many species of wild animals, reptiles, and thousands of birds. The diverse climate and habitat areas makes it a perfect retreat for many Indian wild animals. The delta areas & river beds along with the dense forests of Sundarbans has given a unique amazon kind of an ecosystem to the Indian wildlife arena, encouraging endangered species to thrive & survive in the costal zones of east India. Indian wildlife tourism also promotes wildlife photography, Eco-tourism and wildlife conservation. The Indian Government has launched many programs for the conservation and preservation of many variety of flora & fauna – Project Tiger is one of them.

Some come be one with nature and Let Nature come into you..!