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Situated at the Himalayan foothills, Rishikesh is more than just an excellent tourist hotspot.

It is the ancient city of temples and ashrams, and offers spiritual bliss to many pious seekers as the place embodies the divinity of the holy river Ganges & the mysticism of the mountains.

In addition to it’s Spiritual side, Rishikesh has an incredible Sportive Avatar too, since Rishikesh happens to be the ‘world capital’ of white (River) water rafting attracting all kinds of sportive folks from India & abroad over the years.

Experience River Rafting@ Rishikesh

Bumpy rides braving the extreme water currents along the Ganges is what makes Rishikesh a unique river rafting zone for the high spirited & keeps the adrenaline flowing.

Such an adventure amidst the beautiful mountain landscape of the Himalayas makes it a wonderful time spent with nature.

River rafting happens mainly in the upper ranges where the water is ‘rough and white’ as it froths and foams, hitting against narrow chasms, rocky ridges and cascades at deep gradients.

How to reach Rishikesh

Distance from major cities: Delhi: 245 kms | Chandigarh: 230 kms | Haridwar: 35 kms | Dehradun: 55 kms

The topography of Rishikesh resembles an intricate maze of Mountain Rivers flowing through a potpourri of colorful rocky canyons, forests, offering moderate to bumpy rapids (upto grade IV) across the course of the Ganges. The rides originate from 4 major points – Bramhapuri (9km), Shivpuri (16km), Marine Drive (24km), Kaudiyala (32km) and ends at Rishikesh.

Be it for the daredevil adventurous kind or for the not so adventurous type, thus one can have different rafting trips to choose from and so packages can be customized accordingly.

Rafting Season: The best season for Rafting is between October to March however few stretches are open throughout the year subject to monsoon and other weather conditions.

Why Us

We are different – We are not the average trekking or Outdoors Company. We have a whole lot of travel experience which makes our service offerings sensitive to every need of our client(s) & that brings in a common sense approach enabling us to be flexible in order for you to make a better informed choice. Thus most part of our planning & operational aspects can adapt quickly as per the client needs.

Our Motto : Member Safety & Comfort plus Care For The Environment

We are a responsible travel company & we see it to that all our travel activities are done keeping in mind the sensitivities of the local environment & culture.
Last but not the least, In the rare event involving any medical urgency our Safety & emergency response mechanism gets the highest priority & is effectively managed by our team




Accommodation : Getupandgo would arrange quality food & lodging facilities which will be located as close as possible to the Rafting area. We can also organize self contained beach camping arrangements. However certain modern amenities and comfort facilities are offered depending on the prevailing situation & feasibility condition of the local place per se.


  • Bonfire and Barbeque in the night
  • Rope activities like Rock climbing, Rappelling, Valley crossing, etc.
  • Day walks and Village visits
  • Excursion Trips (Rajaji National Park)
  • Mountain biking
  • Fishing

Tips /Dos & Don’t s

  • River rafting can be taken up by anyone who is not less than 12 years of age. However, one need not be a swimmer, but knowing swimming is always a good thing for any water sport
  • All rafters are provided with a rafting gear that consists of a safety helmet, a life jacket. Wet suits/dry tops are provided during the extreme cold months ie : from December to February
  • The accompanying “rafting instructors” on each ride are experts in the field & have years of experience and expertise to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all on board, plus they make sure one gets to have all the fun one can, while experiencing those Bumpy river rides.
Rafting In Rishikesh

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August 22, 2016

Completely personalized and fun-filled. GetUpAndGo’s river rafting package in Rishikesh follows good safety norms and keeps everyone coming back for more.

December 12, 2016

Went rafting on the Ganges with my wife with Getupandgo. The experience was exhilarating and the guides were really good. Will definitely recommend rafting with getupandgo and look forward to doing more trips with them.

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