Recommended Essential Kit List


(Please pack all your things required in plastic bags. The plastic bags gives an extra protection against rains).

  1. Duffel Bag [Recommended if luggage is to be carried by porters or ponies]
  2. Minimum 60 – 70 litres of backpack – For backpacking treks
  3. Backpack
  4. Proper hardy trekking shoes with spare laces – please ensure you have used the shoes before setting off on your trek
  5. Slippers / Floaters [For walking around at the camp]
  6. Sun Cap
  7. Small towel or scarf to use underneath cap to shield ears/ the neck
  8. A pair of walking sticks
  9. Nylon socks and woolen socks
  10. For trek- 3 pairs of trousers, 3 shirts [track suits are best, AVOID jeans or any tight fitting pants]
  11. Full sleeved thick woolen sweater / Fleece jacket
  12. Thermal inners [Essential for the entire trek]
  13. Woolen monkey cap / Balaclava
  14. Wind cheater / Wind Breaker
  15. Rain Wear/Poncho
  16. Woolen hand gloves
  17. Sun glasses – 100%-UV-protection lens, no blue shade
  18. Cold
  19. Sun screen lotion
  20. Insect / Mosquito Repellant
  21. Lip Balm
  22. Head Lamp/LED Torch
  23. Thin quick drying towel
  24. Water bottle (1 litre) (AVOID simple plastic bottles)
  25. Adequate underclothing
  26. Personal toiletries, toilet paper
  27. Personal medicines if any
  28. Re-sealable Ziplocs are ideal for storage – get lots of them
  29. Camera
  30. Spare Batteries/ Pencil Cells

(Please note that the Kit List is a standard one for all our trips, one can make a few changes.)


  1. Water purifying material
  2. Air Pillow
  3. Note Book & Pen
  4. Laundry Soap
  5. Pocket Knife
  6. Sewing Kit
  7. Binoculars