How do you Celebrate World Environment Day?


World Environment Day is a yearly event held to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action. Being a part of the celebrations gives you an opportunity to share your ideas and activities for making our world cleaner, greener, and brighter. In fact the above theme has been the goal of Getupandgo right from the beginning. Be it eco-tourism or sustainable environmental campaigns Getupandgo has always participated and initiated activities that would create a ‘Green Culture’ awareness among folks.

One would agree that the best way of caring for the environment is by patronizing the green culture. So, why not give eco-friendly hotels a try?  Eco-friendly hotels are all about sustainable living and being in harmony with nature and certainly some of the hotels listed below offer a lot of fun and adventure too.

  1. The Dune Eco Village and Spa – Pudhucherry

Special Attraction: It has over 50 plus bungalows spread across several acres, and each bungalow is different – a unique piece. Also the joy of living in such a lovely place is second to none. Guests can experience a large range of activities such as wellness therapies and massages, yoga and meditation, indoor and outdoor games.Activities include milking the cows in the farm pottery classes, kite flying, etc are fun activities for kids.

  1. Tekkady Wild Corridor – Kerala

Special Attraction: This place is a blessing for adventure enthusiasts as it offers many adventure activities. From trekking, nature walks and village tours, to jeep safaris into the tiger reserve and trips to the spice gardens and tea estates, well there is actually so much to do here.

  1. Barefoot In Havelock – Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Special Attraction: Being one of the few places in India that provides scuba diving courses, makes it the most sought after destination for amateur as well as professional divers. No wonder it has the best recommended PADI certified courses. Snorkelling, fishing and kayaking are other aqua activities that one should not miss when visiting this island hotel.

  1. Hoysala Village – Karnataka

Special Attraction: The food served here, is grown organically on their own farm at a nearby village Plus the whole place is so homely and serene with nature trails, bullock cart rides and gurgling streams that one wouldn’t want to leave the place at all.

  1. Yoga Magic Eco Retreat – North Goa

Special Attraction: This place is good choice for the health conscious traveller. It is primarily known for its yoga retreat and relaxation facilities. Moreover nature has given it a calm and serene setting.

  1. Wildernest Nature Resort-Goa

Special Attraction: The resort is highly eco-friendly and makes use of many principles of sustainable environment by saving water and recycling it in order to conserve energy without much wastage. Moreover the hotel employs the local people to help the local economy too.

  1. Mountain Trail –  Uttarakhand

Special Attraction: It is considered to be one of the few eco-lodges in Uttarakhand. One can expect a lot of activities like yoga tours, picnics to unexplored beautiful spots, birds watching, trekking, bonfires, local folk dances and jungle walks with guides which will keep you occupied and energetic all day long.

  1. Banasura Hill Resort – Kerala

Special Attraction: This resort, located in Wayanad, Kerala, has earned the reputation of being Asia’s largest earth resort and is chiefly constructed from mud. Spanning 35 acres, in the middle of a lush tropical forest, with exotic flora and fauna, gushing mountain streams and magnificent waterfalls, Banasura is a nature resort beyond compare.

  1. CGH Earth – Lakshadweep and Kerala

Special Attraction: The three entities of perfect health ie: Ayurveda, yoga and nature, is what this place in Kerala offers to a modern day traveller. At CGH Earth they strive to keep in touch nature. And to give something back to the ecosystems around. The local community is also benefitted as they are provided with employment opportunities.

Also CGH at Bangaram Island which is part of Lakshadweep, the place will mesmerize you in the magic of the turquoise sea and coral reefs.

Thus in pursuit of reviving the connection with nature, Getupandgo offers you many adventure activities across many travel destination in India and abroad, which allows us to truly appreciate how beautiful our world  is.
So it is our duty to take forward the call to protect the Earth that we share and that is the best way one can pay tribute to World Environment Day!

About Author

Arjan Kripal
Arjan comes from a family of professional cricketers. His grandfather, father and uncle have all represented India. Arjan himself captained the Indian Under 19 Team, and has played first class cricket for Tamil Nadu. He is a qualified coach, a BCCI match referee and even holds a world record in cricket! Arjan’s cricket career saw him travel extensively across the world. He has since discovered that he has an insatiable wander lust and a flair for planning itineraries for family and friends – a love and skill that has naturally progressed into setting up Get Up and Go. Arjan is a certified scuba diver and has bungee jumped, sky dived and paraglided several times. He has been to every continent and corner of the world, reveling in exotic foods and myriad photo ops; from walking the Inca Trail in Peru, to swimming with Whale sharks in Mexico… Arjan has even come face to face with a Great White Shark in South Africa! “I want to share all my varied journeys with fellow travellers so they can experience, first hand, something that has been so rewarding for me.”