The Buddhist Circuit is a trail on the footsteps of the Buddha. Winding our way through Bihar, where the Buddha
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Rajasthan, Delhi and Taj Mahal Agra form the Golden Triangle of India. Rajasthan with it's colorful cities and sun kissed
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Embark on a wildlife sojourn into Bandhavgarh, where chances are you will spot the sensuous tiger while enroute to the
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Cultural Tours of India

Each part of India, from East to West, or North to South, has its own cultural setting. Tradition, religion, belief, language, social organization and people are the important aspects of culture in India. Sacred pilgrimage sites, historical monuments and memorials reflect richness of Indian culture. As you take on our cultural tours in India, you will gain invaluable insight into Indian lifestyles. Interacting directly with ethnic communities will add excitement to your holiday and rejuvenate you spiritually.

To experience the unique, charming and enriched Indian culture visit the amazing destinations like Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, Goa, Ladakh and other Indian states. We, at getupandgo will help you plan an ideal cultural tour across India. Also, one can embark on a wildlife sojourn into Bandhavgarh, where chances are you will spot the sensuous tiger enroute to the erotic lost temples of Khajuraho. The Golden Triangle and Golden Temple tour is the most sought after tour as it covers the royal places of India aka Rajasthan, Delhi_Agra and Punjab.

Experience the cultural delights of India by option for our customized tour packages depending on your reason to visit and the number of days you wish to be on a holiday. So, one can visit Gujrat which although is more known for its Industrial outlook but still has a lot to offer when it comes to being a holiday destination. Gujarat is a state that is hidden away from the tourist hordes. With industrious towns and stunning temples, exquisite food. Visit the beautiful, off-the-beaten track Velavadar National park, which is famous for its black bucks and watch the last of the remaining Asiatic lions at the Gir National Park. And for those looking for a lot of culture & nature then Kerala is where India forgets her busy pace, stops to smell the flowers and settles down to talk with strangers. One can visit the amazing forest district of Munnar and witness the rubber cultivation centers or visit the tea estates that adorns the hills of Kerala.

A walk along the Spice gardens of Kerala will make it a memorable experience for sure. Finally for those soul seekers who would want to experience inner bliss can take the Buddhist Circuit tour which includes some of the holiest ancient Hindu and Buddhist cities. Thus our Cultural tours offers a mix of Nature, tradition and Spiritual fulfillment. It all depends on what you want!