Top 10 Incredible Historical Places to Visit in Ahmedabad

5 Incredible Historical Places in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a major city in Gujarat. It is an amazing city with a mix of both the new and the old. It is a treasure of architecture – which is reflected in the Old City to the east, home to centuries-old mosques and mausoleums to impressive present-day design. The city features a plethora of places to visit like museums, famous restaurants, lively street-food venues, etc. One must visit Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi’s former headquarters) which is the chief tourist attraction of the city. Also the New City falling on the west side of the river has bigger roads, major universities, and many middle-class neighbourhoods.

1. Kankaria Lake

This is a polygonal lake built in 1451 by Sultan Qutb-ud-Din. At the centre of the lake is an artificial land-body known as Naginavadi. The walkway around Kankaria during evening swells with crowd and it has many street-side food bazaars with outdoor entertainment shows, etc. Plus the place is famous for its water and light show. You can visit the zoo nearby, the natural history museum, and the children’s park which has a toy train and an open-air theatre.

kankaria lake

2. Jama Masjid

The Jama Masjid is part of the historic legacy of Ahmedabad and is one of the largest mosques in India built in the year 1424 by Emperor Sultan Ahmed Shah. The 15 domes of the Masjid complex is so inviting and while walking around you can experience the beautiful confluence of light and shadows. The galleries and mosque are made of yellow sandstone and carved and sculpted with thought-provoking and exquisite detailing.

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jama masjid

3. Sarkhej Roza

Loacted 8 kms from the city, Sarkhej is home to one of the most elegant architectural complexes of Ahmedabad. It has a cluster of monuments standing close to the tomb of the saint, Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh (1445). The mosque, the tombs of Mehmud Shah Begada and his queen, and the palace and pavilions are made of carved stone grills that adds to the beauty of the place and makes this a must-see on your list.

sarkhej roza


4. Hathee Singh Jain Temple

Built in the year 1850 AD, the Hathee Singh temple is a renowned Jain temple.The name bears the contribution made by its founder Seth Hathee Singh, a wealthy Jain merchant. It was constructed as a tribute to the 15th Jain Trithanakara named Dharmnath. The temple is famous for its magnificent architectural finesse and elaborate carvings.

Hathee singh jain temple

5. Dada Hari Vav

Considering the summer temperature of Ahmedabad, this stepped well does provides some respite, as it offers cool water and a relaxing atmosphere to the travellers who visit. The stepped well is a unique example of Gujarat’s architecture.

dada hari wav

6. Sabarmati Ashram

This place is home to the father of the nation as Gandhiji lived here for most of the times and is a major attraction for tourists from all over the world. Here on can visit the museum that showcases the Mahatma’s simple life. It has personal belongings of Gandhiji such as his books, letters, eyeglasses, slippers and letters.

Sabarmati Ashram

7. Calico Museum of Textiles

Calico Museum of Textiles was established in 1949 by the Sarabhai family, a renowned business house of Ahmedabad which wanted to create awareness about the importance of textiles & it’s history. It has a large collection of different fabrics from all across the country.

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Calico museum of textiles

8. Sidi Saiyad Mosque

Sidi Saiyad mosque was built in the year 1573. The mosque was built by Sidi Saeed or Sidi Saiyad. The mosque is famous for its artistically carved stone latticework windows (jalis) which is the unofficial symbol of Ahmedabad city.

Siddhi Saiyad mosque

9. Bhadra Fort

Located in the confined city zone of Ahmedabad, Bhadra Fort was built back in the year 141 by Ahmad Shah I. The fort features gorgeously carved mosques, royal palaces, gates and open galleries. In modern day times, Bhadra Fort stands as the cultural center of the city.

Bhadra Fort

10. Lothal

Located approximately 75 km from Ahmedabad, Lothal is a famous historic hotspot around Ahmedabad. The place features the remains of the Indus Valley Civilization that once existed around 4500 years ago.


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