18 Signs of True Mumbaikar


Don’t we all take great pride to claim we are Mumbaikars? There is something about belonging to this maximum city that makes you a tad bit different from the rest of the fellow countrymen. Here are 18 signs that make you an asli Mumbaikar.

1. We complain about the rush in the Mumbai locals all the time but cannot imagine a day without the lifeline of our city. The happiness and relief when you board the train at the last second is something only a Mumbaikar can feel & rejoice about.

mumbai locals

2. We all swear by Vada Pav, all the Burger Kings and McDonalds’ fade away in comparison.

vada pav

3. Get together with friends usually means dinner & a late night drive across some of the iconic spots of the city

Family Dinner

4. We love our Cutting Chai better than the chai latte from Starbucks.

cutting chai

5. 30 bucks is enough to eat some mouth-watering street-food, from different corners of the country; be it momos, steaming hot idlis or crisp dosas, hot kachoris, chaats, dabelis or our very own vada pav.


6. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, every rikshawala is referred to as Bhaiyya or Boss!


7. We exercise a lot. We are always running across the platform to catch a train or the road to board a bus or just cross the street to get on the other end. Who needs the gym anyway!

mumbai locals exercise

8. All festivals are celebrated with the same amount of enthusiasm and fervor. The queue outside lalbaug cha raja pandal during Ganeshotsav or Mount Mary church during Bandra fair (as we lovingly call it) and the late night drives just to eat at Muhammad Ali Road during Ramzan tells you we know how to celebrate every fest with a zest.


9. Ganesh Visarjan ‘bands’ and dance! No EDM(electronic dance music) fest can stand a chance when compared to this.

ganesh visarjan

10. The common phrases you would hear are chutta nahi hai, chutta do na!

chutta nahi hia

11. Reserving your train seat by throwing a handkerchief on it is considered to be a legitimate way!

reserve train

12. You don’t remember a single year that you didn’t get an official day off from work, school or college thanks to water logging during monsoons.


13. If you travel in the train without a ticket and don’t get caught by the TC, this is something that ought to be shared with anyone who would listen to you.

TC local train

14. Rainy weekend = Chalo Lonavla or Matheran

 rainy weekend

15. Asking for directions will get you help from a dozen people! Everyone helps anyone here.

asking direction

16. We flaunt the “celebrity” status associated with our city. Most of us may not have ‘seen’ Amitabh Bachan in person but brag about him like he stays down the alley.

amitabh house

17. We may be rich enough to own fashion labels but our closets always have the most stylish items from Hill Road and Linking Road.

17th - linking road

18. The Bandra-Worli sea link is a matter of pride for us, so every friend visiting from outside Mumbai gets dragged for a drive on it.

18th point - bandra

You always do whatever it takes to prove your city is better than any other city in India, especially Delhi. We all are always up for that debate (more often than not we are right about this coz Mumbai is so much better than other cities)

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And lastly, it doesn’t matter where we are. We are all proud to call ourselves a true “Mumbaikar”.


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Arjan comes from a family of professional cricketers. His grandfather, father and uncle have all represented India. Arjan himself captained the Indian Under 19 Team, and has played first class cricket for Tamil Nadu. He is a qualified coach, a BCCI match referee and even holds a world record in cricket! Arjan’s cricket career saw him travel extensively across the world. He has since discovered that he has an insatiable wander lust and a flair for planning itineraries for family and friends – a love and skill that has naturally progressed into setting up Get Up and Go. Arjan is a certified scuba diver and has bungee jumped, sky dived and paraglided several times. He has been to every continent and corner of the world, reveling in exotic foods and myriad photo ops; from walking the Inca Trail in Peru, to swimming with Whale sharks in Mexico… Arjan has even come face to face with a Great White Shark in South Africa! “I want to share all my varied journeys with fellow travellers so they can experience, first hand, something that has been so rewarding for me.”