Dare try the 10 most challenging adventures !


Have you always dreamt of trying out some challenging adventure sport activity ?  We are not sure as to which one would most suit you as many of them depend on your stamina and fitness. Explained here are some of the most daring adventure activities one could indulge in and they all require a lot of practice and patience, apart from super fitness and stamina.

1. Cliff Camping




Being suspended in air and still feeling quite at home is how one would describe Cliff Camping. Ever wondered how it feels to be sitting on a hanging couch or a makeshift hanging table from a cliff wall? It is almost like being in a large cradle that can hold four to eight people that is well-harnessed and hangs from a cliff, hundreds of feet off the ground. Cliff Camping should be on every adventure seekers “Bucket List!”

2. Edge Walking


This neo-adventure usually happens on top of a sky scrapper. It involves a bunch of participants leaning out and walking on the edge while being harnessed to an overhead safety rail supported by a trolley. The participants are cheered to go the extra mile, which actually allows them to lean back over and that is when the magical feeling of being so far up happens, as one gets to witness the breathtaking view of the city that lies beneath them.

In fact one such place where ‘Edge walking’ happens is in Canada – yes you guessed it right it happens on the CN Tower, making it quite an attraction and it is the first of its kind in North America.

3. Free Fall Bungee Jumping 


The only place in India where bungee jumping happens from a fixed platform is in Rishikesh, in a village called Mohan Chatti. A cantilever platform is erected on a tall cliff which is at a height of about 80 plus metres above ground level, making it the tallest and the most exiting bungee jumping spot in India. Nevertheless, the entire set-up is well knownfor its safety track record and highly professional staff.

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4. B.A.S.E. Jumping


B.A.S.E jumpers are the ones who just jump off from cliffs and high altitude structures and they activate their parachutes only few seconds before landing on the ground.

5. High-lining


High lining is an extreme sport in which the person walks on a narrow and bouncy stretch of rope suspended several hundred feet above the ground. Usually high-liners are hooked onto a safety harness bound to the rope which acts like a safety-hook in case the person loses his/her balance and so it keeps the walker from falling. High-lining is similar to tightrope walking but it does not include the tight rope, the balancing pole or the safety net.

6. Cave Diving


Cave diving is very similar to scuba diving except that it is an exhaustive form of underwater diving in pursuit of exploring submerged caves. Lately cave diving is also taken up as an extreme sport, originally it was meant for conducting marine geological surveys and other scientific investigations.

Most of the basic equipment required by cave divers is the same as used by scuba divers, although it may include other special equipment depending on the purpose for diving and the circumstances it involves.

7. Free Soloing



Want to be a Spiderman and climb tall places? Well then, free-climbing is for you which is also popularly called free soloing. It is a type of free-climbing where the climber carries out the climbing activity without using any ropes, harnesses or other safety equipment. The climber’s only support is his /her stamina and perseverance.

8. Big Wave Surfing

big wave

Riding the giant waves is not so easy as it seems, in fact one needs to be an experienced surfer and needs a lot of aqua discipline and body fitness that helps the surfers paddle into or are drawnonto waves as tall as 20 feet or so (6.2 m) high.

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Big wave surfers use surf boards called ‘guns’ or ‘tow-boards’. These are specifically made surfboards to negotiate the giant waves and so the sizes of the board also varies according to the wave size. A much broader board gives more opportunity to a rider to paddle fast so as to catch the wave and such boards also scores to be more stable, but at the same time it also causes some friction to the surfing speed.

9. Ice-Climbing


Ice-climbing is a sporting activity that seeks taller heights having icy formations. Mostly ice-climbers use a variety of mountaineering equipment such as ropes which ensures safety as it guards the ice climbers from ice-slope crashes, semi-frozen water floors, loose, icy cliffs, etc.

Also ice-climbing many a times involves climbing a perpendicular and slippery formation of ice making it a bit risky as it is not a simple task, especially when there is frequent concern of safety, due to uneven snow and ice formations.

10. Wing-suit Flying


Imagine gliding through the air like an eagle wearing a wing-suit which gives a wing-effect to the human body and that enables a good amount of lift. This sport involves a ‘human flier’ who wears a suit made of advanced polycarbonate material which creates the wing effect between the legs and under the arms. Wing suits are also referred as ‘birdman suits’ or ‘flying squirrel suits’ or better still as ‘bat suits’. Here the flyer wearing the wing-suit does a free fall from a high altitude enabling the wing suit to attain the properties of a glider due to its design and geometry making the flier glide through the air.

So now you have these daring adventures to think about… let us know which one you dare to do!

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