8 Signs that prove you were born to travel


Who does not love to travel? Travelling makes a person more accepting of new experiences. Travel is intertwined with other countries, their way of life, people, food and customs. It allows us to learn and appreciate not only one’s own culture but also that of many other countries.
So do you really love travelling? Here are some signs that indicate your love for travelling!,

1. You like planning as much as travelling
For those who believe that the world is their playground would definitely agree that travelling to a new destination isn’t enough. Moreover, frequent travelling makes you good at planning things that can make most travel agents envious. You search for the best travel deals and go through much of the suggested reading for pointers on accommodation, fares, etc. Moreover at the end of your trip, you start planning for the next one, thus making you into a Master travel planner.

2. The Suitcase Never Retires
The word “unpacking” isn’t part of your dictionary and now having said that is it no surprise that your bag always has certain items packed, in readiness. It can be a travel guide, a camera or a sleeping bag. Moreover if it happens to be your lucky travelling bag, why go through the hassle of unpacking when your next trip is just around the corner!

3. You Enjoy your own company and that of others
A good traveller can make friends with most people, and most importantly you enjoy your own company. There is a lot of down time when you travel, long bus rides and hanging around, so it’s important to be comfortable with yourself and others.

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4. You posses a strategy for everything
You know how to avoid getting overcharged while booking a taxi, and how to find a good and inexpensive salon just before catching the flight. You also know the swiftest way through customs and airport security checkpoints, and how to use your sky-mile points just so that you get a confirmed seat on that connecting flight. Well, you are not just a slapdash wannabe, rather all of the above, makes you an organized traveller.

5. Sleep anywhere
A good traveller has the capacity to doze off, no matter the level of comfort or where he is. Again travelling can be very demanding involving commuting delays, especially during late night hours etc. So one needs to adjust and put oneself to sleep without feeling uncomfortable.

6. You can’t remember a country that is not on your List
Nowadays people want to travel not just to places which was visited by one’s parents or grandparents. Thus some of the usual locations like Italy, France, Spain, etc are passé
The Neo traveller belonging to today’s Gen-Y tribe wants to travel to offbeat locations like Borneo or Kazakhstan, or even spend a week spent in the far eastern Port city of Russia – Vladivostok.

7. Language is no barrier for you
The ‘One World’ idea is all the more relevant today, thanks to the Internet, smart phones, wifi, etc. The net has truly revolutionized the way we speak many languages that does not even belong to the place or country one lives in or was born in. So no wonder travel junkies are a multi-lingual species and they always make it a point to enrol in a foreign language orientation program while staying abroad. Taking up a new language boosts their current trip prospects and prepares travellers for the next trip.

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8. You want to invest in “Experience”
Some spend money to buy things that may cost a lot and some may spend the same amount of money to cherish the memories of travelling which is what ‘the Experience’ is all about. So investing in travelling is one such case which adds unimaginable value to one’s life.

Well..! Now that you have found the signs which tells that travelling is part of you. So make up your mind and pack your bags to travel to another unexplored destination!

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Arjan Kripal
Arjan comes from a family of professional cricketers. His grandfather, father and uncle have all represented India. Arjan himself captained the Indian Under 19 Team, and has played first class cricket for Tamil Nadu. He is a qualified coach, a BCCI match referee and even holds a world record in cricket! Arjan’s cricket career saw him travel extensively across the world. He has since discovered that he has an insatiable wander lust and a flair for planning itineraries for family and friends – a love and skill that has naturally progressed into setting up Get Up and Go. Arjan is a certified scuba diver and has bungee jumped, sky dived and paraglided several times. He has been to every continent and corner of the world, reveling in exotic foods and myriad photo ops; from walking the Inca Trail in Peru, to swimming with Whale sharks in Mexico… Arjan has even come face to face with a Great White Shark in South Africa! “I want to share all my varied journeys with fellow travellers so they can experience, first hand, something that has been so rewarding for me.”