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A bike ride to Ladakh criss-crosses through some of the most amazing and challenging routes that exists on earth! You


Mountain biking in the India can be both a life-experience and a holiday that presents spectacular views of landscapes. You’ll

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Mountain Biking Adventures of India

India is blessed with one of the most amazing mountainous terrains in the world. Many mountain biking events have been part of races and events in Himachal Pradesh in the recent past. The sport has now reached a point where folks from all over the country now visit and participate in many long and short long Mountain Bike (MTB) events. The Himalayan region with beautiful landscapes and scenic mountains, high passes, profound valleys and alpine glaciers is an ideal place and so has become a dream destination for adventure seekers seeking extreme sports.

No wonder Mountain biking has slowly gained importance in this region owing to the picturesque and rocky landscape of the Himalayan regions that provide abundant opportunities to avid bikers to fulfil their adrenaline desire. Marked with rugged terrains, steep climbs and narrow single tracks, the mountain biking trails in India are one of the best in the world and is well appreciated by professional and experienced mountain bikers.

GetUpandGo provide trips to suit any bikers, amateurs or professionals. We provide mountain bikes or if you are serious amateurs or professionals, you can bring your own. The tours have a vehicle following with staff, camp equipment, and repair equipment. Cycle along the Mandakini River and its beautiful valley with amazing mountain scenery or Cycle along the Upper Alaknanda valley till Karnaprayag. The biking tours include camping nights interspersed with charming hotel nights wherever possible. You’ll glide through lazy or bustling mountain villages, witness mountain folk and their lifestyles, feel the aroma of the local food and the song of the mountains.

Biking tours also happen in Ladakh along the arid and baked landscape of breath-taking Nubra Valley. Also, biking expedition to the remote Pangong Lake brimming with its enchanting alpine beauty is a must for every passionate mountain biker. Unlike street biking, mountain biking is all about challenging yourself as the biker has to brave through rocky uneven terrain, ride over makeshift bridges and cut through icy cold waters of flowing streams. However, mountain biking happens to be as much of a heart-warming experience too as the biker gets to witness spectacular scenic beauty and countless exhilarating twists and turns along the journey.